House of Sol is Chicago’s only 4-day free DJ showcase dedicated to the city’s home-grown sound of House Music. The event is featured as a part of Chicago’s annual Fiesta del Sol 4-day street festival, which attracts well over one million attendees every year. Since its inception in 2007, HOS has featured many of Chicago’s hardest working local DJs/producers who continue to make a name for themselves in some of the city’s biggest and most notorious nightclubs & venues. Artists who have participated over the past 14 years include: Gene Farris, Ron Carroll, Iz & Diz, DJ Heather, Colette, Gene Hunt, Terry Hunter, Alan King, Alex Peace, Stacy Kidd, Gettoblaster, Traxman, Gant-Man, DJ Clent, DJ Deeon, Andrew Emil, James Curd, Paul Johnson, Kid Enigma, Hyperactive and many more. 


Now entering it’s 15th year, House of Sol continues to represent Chicago and our influence on today’s House Music culture.


House of Sol is featured as a part of Chicago’s annual Fiesta del Sol celebration, which is an annual fundraising event organized by the Pilsen Neighbors Community Council (P.N.C.C.). P.N.C.C. is a grassroots organization founded in 1954. Its organizing efforts focus on issues such as education, healthcare, housing and civil rights. One of the main programs funded almost exclusively by the Fiesta del Sol fundraising is the “Fiesta del Sol Scholars Program”.  Since 1997 they’ve awarded over one million dollars in scholarship assistance to deserving area college students. 


Because of 2020's COVID restrictions, the House of Sol team is still committed on fundraising for our cause and providing House Music to all who enjoy It. House of Sol committed to stream 40 hours of House Music for House of Sol 2020. This is available on our Youtube page:

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